Core Values in the Classroom

At Tarleton State University, we are guided by core values. Through transformative learning experiences these values help shape students into productive, creative, ethical, engaged citizens and leaders contributing to the intellectual, cultural, economic and social advancement of the communities they serve. As a result, a student’s major field of study is central to the learning experience and is a vital part of each Tarleton students experience. Core Values in the classroom are defined in the following tenets:

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Academic Integrity

Tarleton State University’s core values are integrity, excellence, and respect. Central to these values is integrity, which is maintaining a high standard of personal and scholarly conduct. Academic integrity represents the choice to uphold ethical responsibility for one’s learning within the academic community, regardless of audience or situation.

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Academic Service

Tarleton faculty, staff, and students are expected to model responsible citizenship through service activities that promote personal and academic growth while enhancing the university, local, regional, national, and global communities. These activities will foster a culture of academic/public engagement that contributes to the achievement of the university’s mission and core values.

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Academic Civility

Students are expected to interact with professors and peers in a respectful manner that enhances the learning environment. Professors may require a student who deviates from this expectation to leave the face-to-face (or virtual) classroom-learning environment for that particular class session (and potentially subsequent class sessions) for a specific amount of time. In addition, the professor might consider the university disciplinary process (for Academic Affairs/Student Affairs) for egregious or continued disruptive behavior.

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Academic Excellence

Tarleton holds high expectations for students to assume responsibility for their own individual learning. Students are also expected to achieve academic excellence by:

  • Honoring Tarleton’s core values.
  • Upholding high standards of habit and behavior.
  • Maintaining excellence through class attendance and punctuality.
  • Preparing for active participation in all learning experiences.
  • Putting forth their best individual effort.
  • Continually improving as independent learners.
  • Engaging in extracurricular opportunities that encourage personal and academic growth.
  • Reflecting critically upon feedback and applying these lessons to meet future challenges.