Criteria For Applied Learning Experiences

The requirements for an experience to count as an Applied Learning Experience set forth by the ALE Council are as follows:

  • ALE supervisors provide a clear plan for how the experience addresses both of the ALE student learning outcomes (SLOs) and any appropriate SLOs for the ALE category.
  • ALE supervisors will utilize the Portfolium e-portfolio program for student submissions.
  • Students will submit at least one written reflection in their e-portfolio that answers, at a minimum, prompts related to the two ALE SLOs.
  • Students will submit at least one additional artifact in their e-portfolio such as a poster presentation, infographic, or PowerPoint related to the experience.
  • ALE supervisors will provide feedback on the content and quality of the e-portfolio submissions and provide an opportunity for students to improve e-portfolio content.

In addition, each ALE category has specific criteria and additional SLOs. For more information, select the category from the navigation bar or contact the appropriate member of the ALE council

Student Learning Outcomes

The student learning outcomes (SLOs) expected from all Applied Learning Experiences are as follows:

  • Student will evaluate how the applied learning experience expanded their views in order to contribute to a diverse, global society. (Global/Diversity Awareness)
  • Students will assess the overall experience and ascertain the larger implications of the experience as they apply to the discipline and beyond. (Broader Impact)