Leadership Criteria

Leadership is a personal journey resulting in understand and skill sets that enable students to positively and ethically influence and mobilize others. Leadership ALEs equip students with knowledge and skills to affect individuals, teams, organizations, the community, and society for the greater good.


  • ALE supervisors must provide leadership training and/or development to prepare students for the applied portion of the experience
  • Students should be tasked with leading a portion of the project/activity to apply leadership skills.
  • Each student must submit a critical reflection in which they describe, examine, and articulate the leading that occurred as a part of the experience.

Additional Information

  • Projects may occur through an academic course or in a co-curricular setting (including paid positions).
  • Projects may occur internally (on-campus) or externally (beyond campus).

Student Learning Outcomes

The SLOs expected from all Applied Learning Experiences are as follows:

  • Global Awareness: Students will describe how the applied learning experience expanded their views in order to contribute to a diverse global society.
  • Broader Impact: Students will describe how the overall experience has larger implications related to the discipline and beyond.

Leadership ALEs may additionally address any or all of the following SLOs:

  • Explore leadership abilities
  • Establish fundamental practices of leadership
  • Engage in the development of self efficacy as leaders
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships which support peer-to-peer mentoring