Scholarly Activity

Scholarly Activity ALEs involve student-centered learning, mentored by faculty, staff, and/or professionals, where students collect and analyze evidence, break complex topics or issues into parts to gain understanding, and make informed conclusions or judgements resulting in the creation of knowledge, peer-reviewed presentations, publications, etc. (The Scholarly Activity category includes work that would previously fall into the Undergraduate Research or Creative Activities ALE categories).


  • Students must have a faculty mentor who is responsible for actively guiding the student researcher(s) in the methods of their disciplines.
  • The project or study should have the potential to contribute new information to the
  • Each student must submit a critical reflection in which they describe, examine, and articulate the learning that occurred as a part of the experience.

Additional Information:

  • Scholarly Activity ALEs may include students involved in undergraduate research (including paid research assistants and students).
  • Scholarly Activity ALEs may be sought independently or as part of a course.
  • It is recommended that students spend at least 35 hours working on the project or study.

Student Learning Outcomes

 The SLOs expected from all Applied Learning Experiences are as follows:

  • Global Awareness: Students will describe how the applied learning experience expanded their views in order to contribute to a diverse global society.
  • Broader Impact: Students will describe how the overall experience has larger implications related to the discipline and beyond.

Scholarly Activity ALEs may additionally address any or all of the following SLOs:

  • Identify and summarize background information related to their research question or problem
  • Develop a research plan to address their question or problem
  • Collect and interpret data in an attempt to address their question or problem.
  • Articulate findings in written or oral form
  • Demonstrate awareness of the importance of ethical behavior in conducting research