Tarleton Analytics Institute

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Our mission is twofold:

Provide quality analytics, algorithm development, and visualization capabilities to our research partners; and educate graduate and undergraduate students with data science skills, mathematical knowledge, real work experience, and domain knowledge, preparing them for employment with our partners.

TAI’s goal is to develop a method for our partners to minimize financial loss through quality analytics while equipping them with employees who do not require additional training within their specific business domain.

Our vision:

Our vision is to build successful business partnerships providing our partners with cost-effective analytics for risk mitigation that far exceeds the investments they make in TAI. Through TAI, business partners invest in our students and together we build exemplary employees with domain knowledge in their industry.

Watch our Webinar!

See how Tarleton Analytics Institute along with Galaxy Solutions and Expero are using Machine Learning and Data Analytics to solve problems of waste, fraud, and abuse in the insurance industry.

Link to TAI, Galaxy Solutions and Expero webinar

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