Life as a Texan

Tarleton offers endless opportunities to participate in student traditions and organizations and enjoy our beautiful campus.

spirit gesture

Spirit Gesture

Tarleton Texans show their spirit by raising their hand folded in the shape of Texas. The shape is created by extending the thumb out, the pointer and middle fingers upward while folding the ring and pinky fingers inward to point at where Stephenville would be located on a map of Texas.

campus life homecoming

Homecoming Week

Tarleton’s week-long homecoming celebrations are steeped in tradition, including the midnight breakfast, parade, picnics, and the Memorial bonfire.

campuslife foundersweek

Founder’s Week

Founder’s Week — honoring Tarleton State University founder John Tarleton — takes place in the Spring. A week of events include May Fête and the Grassburr Festival and Picnic.

campus life serviceweek

Service Week

Service is one of Tarleton’s core values, and Service Week is dedicated to promoting service and giving back to our community.

visit tarleton

Come and See Us

Take a daily campus tour or come and join us for our special campus preview – Texan Day.