Get Ready for Finals!

Students want to know where to go to study for finals, what the hours are, and the most important for brain power: where’s the free food and coffee? We’ve created some tags and a calendar group you can share your events to for easy navigation and search.

Tag Your Events for Better Search Results

Two tags have been created for your use

  • Finals: For all events related to student preparation, study sessions, helpful resources around campus
  • Extended Hours: For all changed office hours during holidays and other important times of the year, like Finals.

You may use both tags on your event, depending on your activity.

 Do not use Final Exams Fall, Final Exams Spring, or Final Exams Summer tags, since these will be directing students specifically to the final exams offered during each semester.

Share Your Events to the New Calendar Group

We have a Final Exams Calendar for all finals information, so students have a one stop shop (in addition to search on your specific calendars).

When creating or editing your event, please scroll down to Sharing and Privacy, and type in under Suggest this event to the following group(s)ACADEMIC CALENDAR: Final Exams.

Share Your Events to Social Media and Email Blasts

Promote your events where your audience views them. Share an event page to social media to see your graphic and a teaser of your description appear as soon as you share the link.

 Make sure your graphics are 900x600, have good color contrast, and are not text-heavy as these will look awkward on your timelines and be inaccessible. Text should be in the Event descriptions to be legible for all users. Please be advises that we do remove inaccessible images to ensure equal access to your event information.