Institute of Homeland Security and Cybercrime

The Institute of Homeland Security and Cybercrime promotes and furthers the understanding of emerging national and global digital threats faced by the law enforcement and national security communities. Our goals are to directly and positively impact the local, national, and global law enforcement community through:

  1. Meaningful and rigorous research applied to issues faced by the law enforcement community
  2. The establishment and cultivation of relationships with and within the law enforcement community, and
  3. The commitment to service for the agencies and member of the enforcement community.

Research from the institute is focused on the impact of technologies on the efforts of law enforcement, specifically on the Darkweb and Deepweb through machine learning.

Institute for Predictive and Analytical Policing Science

The Institute is committed to foster and promote education and evidence-based research in the field of predictive policing. Predictive policing is the application of analytical quantitative techniques to identify likely targets for police intervention and prevent crime or solve past crimes by making statistical predictions. The Institute strives to be a model for the university-community engagement. We partner with law enforcement agencies to conduct training for crime analysts and carry out research to deliver actionable intelligence to law enforcement communities.

Institute for Criminal Justice Leadership and Public Policy

The Institute for Criminal Justice Leadership and Public Policy focuses on conducting cutting edge criminal justice research that informs public policy. To accomplish this mission, the Institute engages in program evaluation to information best practices and evidence based public policy across the criminal just system. Today’s criminal justice leaders are expected to understand how to execute research into practice while also generating revenue for their agencies through grant funded research.

Institute on Violence Against Women & Human Trafficking

The Institute on Violence Against Women & Human Trafficking in the School of Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Public Administration at Tarleton State University focuses on research and service learning initiatives to address these significant social problems. In collaboration with community partners and public agencies, the Institute engages in solution-based research projects to enhance our understanding of: (a) the scope and nature of violence against women; (b) the individual, community, and social consequences of victimization; and (c) how to effectively respond to these problems. Through these efforts, the Institute is able to provide evidence-based training, service learning, and research support to practitioners working to combat gender-based violence. The Institute’s Director is Dr. Tara Shelley. Affiliate faculty include: Dr. Katherine Brown and Dr. Rhonda Dobbs.