Professional and Relational Communication


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Our Personal and Relational Communications (PARC) concentration will allow you to develop skills in a variety of different areas, including: 

  • Business and professional speaking
  • Small groups
  • Organizations
  • Interpersonal and intercultural relationships
  • Families

Our exceptional and award-winning faculty members will aim to help you develop the competencies and skills needed to be successful in numerous industries and job types, such as nonprofit organizations, project management and much more. Choosing a concentration in PARC will allow you to take diverse communication courses, which will enable you to gain knowledge over a wide range of field related topics. 

alex taylor testimonial

“I transferred to Tarleton in 2014, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m so thankful that I found this university and chose to study Professional and Relational Communications. I found my passion through this program and couldn’t be happier to have obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies.”

Alex Taylor, Communication Studies Graduate 2016

Program Objectives

  • Provide you with a generalist degree that prepares you for a career in diverse fields such as Administration, Management, Consulting and much more. 
  • Present you a wide variety of coursework options to fit your specific interests.
  • Give you the opportunity to customize your learning experience through both coursework and internships, which will provide an advantage over other candidates in post-graduation job searches.

Coursework Highlights

The PARC concentration offers courses that are designed to increase knowledge and understanding of several communication concepts, such as:

ClassNumberClass Name
COMM2302Business and Professional Speaking
COMM3304Interpersonal Communications
COMM3310Communication Law
COMM3323Political Communication
COMM3329Travel & Tourism
COMM4304Organizational Communication

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