TExES Testing Requirements Prior to Clinical Teaching or Year-long Residency for Traditional Undergraduate Teacher Education Candidates have changed as of the Spring 2021 semester. Refer to your Certification Testing Handbook or contact the Coordinator of Certification Testing for detailed information. Testing Requirements are subject to change without advanced notice.
 Elementary Education students with concentrations in EC-6 and 4-8 Core Subjects, 4-8 English, Language Arts and Reading, or 4-8 English Language Arts and Reading/Social Studies will be required to take and pass the new Science of Teaching Reading (Exam #293) if being recommended for teacher certification after 12/31/2020. Additional information is included in this notice provided by TEA. It will be necessary for all program completers to apply for certification early enough to meet the recommendation deadline. An informational brochure for candidates clinical teaching Fall 2020, and for those effected prior completers can be found by clicking here. The last possible date to be awarded a standard certificate using the #291 exam in conjunction with the #293 STR exam is 12/30/22.

Registration Process Overview

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Traditional Teacher Education students receive basic certification testing information when enrolled in EDUC 3320/3321 (Block I). The Coordinator for Certification Testing shares a more detailed presentation of testing information, including the registration process, with students at the mandatory Clinical Teaching Application and Certification Testing meetings scheduled to take place while enrolled in EDUC 3331/EDSP 4361 (Block II). Testing approval will be granted toward the end of the Block II semester once preparation requirements have been completed and fulfilled.

The Pearson VUE website is set up to assist you with the certification testing process, including registration information, exam preparation, testing locations, test results, and score reporting. However, we provide detailed information for Tarleton students, including

The complete Handbooks for Fall 2021 Block II students can be found on the Testing Overview page. Be sure to select the correct handbook that fits your clinical experience. Testing information is constantly subject to change and candidates must be responsible for keeping abreast of any changes due to delaying clinical teaching for any reason. Testing requirements are subject to change and it’s crucial candidates who are unable to maintain sequential coursework keep in contact with Educator Preparation Services to stay on top of those changes.

Testing Prerequisites

In accordance with state law, only candidates who have received official notification and replied with formal acceptance of program admission are eligible to be approved to take TExES examinations. Tarleton will only approve candidates to take the examinations directly associated with their admission certification area(s).

Per the TEA Educator Certification Examination Retake Limit, candidates are limited to five attempt approvals by Tarleton to take any one certification exam. A state waiver to continue to test is available through TEA past 5 attempts should that become necessary.

If you have graduated and completed all program requirements for certification through Tarleton State University, but have not taken and passed all required exams, you must continue to register for exams through Tarleton.

Candidates who have not taken and passed certification exams and/or applied for certification through TEA within a timely manner of program completion run the risk of losing passed exams and certification ability due to unpredictable changes in state law and rules. Candidates may be required to repeat or complete additional coursework, pass practice exams and/or engage the services of an outside test preparation program, especially if the State replaces an expired exam with a new replacement exam, and/or changes certification standards. It is the responsibility of candidates who have not completed certification requirements at the time of program completion to stay abreast and informed of any testing and certification changes that are implemented at the state level by reviewing the TEA and EPS websites.

Candidates who have already been awarded initial standard certification and want to add another area to their certificate by challenging an exam are not require to register or seek approval through Tarleton. Read more about Certification by Exam.

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