Submit a Service Request (Work Order)

 The following links are not associated with Residential Living and Learning (Housing) and may not be used to submit a work order for RLL student housing properties.

Select Your Location

Service Request (Work Order) Process

Request for Services

Departmental service requests should be made through your building manager or department director. 

Click on the location link from which your service request needs to be entered. A form will appear with the correct facility name.

Fill out the required fields
  • Requestor Name
  • Phone Number
  • Requestor email
  • Building Name
  • Account/Description of Work Request
Other fields which are helpful, but not required
  • Floor Code
  • Area
  • Department
  • Repair Center

After you hit the submit button, your email address will let the system generate emails to you at the time of all four status changes listed below.

  1. Request is submitted
  2. Work Order released to shops
  3. Work Order is finished by shops
  4. Finalization for billing or Departmental Transfers
 Note: If you do not want to receive these emails just unclick the notify me box.