various spurs

Featured Exhibit

Texas Spurs and the Artists Who Created Them

June 12 to December 23, 2021

This exhibition of the Hugh Edmondson Collection of spurs and bits contains spurs made over 120 years.  Featured artists include Joseph Petmecky, J.O. Bass, Kelly Brothers and three generations of the Boone family who were descendants of Daniel Boone, the well-known American frontier pioneer.  The collection includes work by Harold “Swede” Strong, an immigrant from Sweden and spurs made by Marvin “Cowboy” Traylor who is believed to have learned blacksmithing while serving time in a Texas State Penitentiary in the 1920’s.  The work of Wilson Capron, Randy Butters, and Billy Klapper incorporates creations by contemporary artisans.

Visitors can learn a brief history of spurs and the vocabulary of spur components like rowels, bottle openers and gal legs.  This collection of spurs showcases a variety of materials, finishes, intricate designs, sizes, and shapes. A short video takes viewers into the workshop of Wilson Capron while he engages in his creative spur making process. 

Permanent Exhibits

Miner in Coal Mine

Coal Mine

Diorama of a coal mine shows how miners had to work lying on their side in a very small space.

Mercantile Store Glass Exhibit

Mercantile Store

The Mercantile Store displays items that were available for sale in Thurber.

Green stagecoach with yellow wheels

Concord Stagecoach

A special “Concord” passenger stagecoach was used between Thurber and Mingus, Texas.

wooden Opera house model

Opera House

The Opera House serves as the museum’s theater showing a 20-minute video featuring actual motion pictures from the coal mining town. This exhibit can be seen featuring 1 of 6 interactive touchscreen displays that are place throughout the museum.