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Current Residents

Visit myGateway to access Tarleton State University’s Student Housing Portal.

Roommate Difficulties?

College is a time of new growth and discovery. During the beginning of each semester a Residential Leader will visit with you and your roommates to complete a Community Living Agreement so that you can proactively discuss your living environment prior to experiencing conflict. If conflicts arise, we encourage roommates to communicate their concerns with each other. However, we also acknowledge that there are times when a neutral perspective, such as from a Residential Leader, helps in the mediation process. Residential Hall Directors are professional staff members who oversee conflicts needing more attention and are trained in conflict resolution and low-level mediation. They can also facilitate room changes, if needed.

Summer Housing

Summer 2021 Rate: $967

Please complete your summer housing application through your housing portal and indicate that you need to reside on campus through the summer months by selecting the appropriate dates. As you complete your application, request Texan Village as your first choice and we will assign you to that environment based on availability.

Winter Break Housing

All residence halls are open during each Thanksgiving and Spring Break. During Winter Break, if you need to stay on campus, some halls will remain open. Apartment housing remains open during breaks. If you need housing during the Winter break, please complete a Winter Break Form available through My Gateway in November. Your Residential Leader and Residential Hall Director can provide more information about break housing. Please be aware that many on-campus services (such as Dining and Health Services) are closed during break periods.


If you are living in a residence hall, your mail is delivered to the Tarleton Post Office located in the Barry B. Thompson Student Center (T.S.C.). Specific mailbox numbers are assigned by the Tarleton Post Office. Please visit the Thompson Student Center to receive your T-box number and your mailbox key when you arrive on campus. The Tarleton Post Office is an approved postal delivery location and you can receive your overnight letters and/or packages with your T-box address.