Rules and Standard Administrative Procedures

Section 01: Governance

Section 03: Statements of Mission and Objectives

Section 07: Ethics

Section 08: Civil Rights Protections and Compliance

Section 09: Litigation and Administration

Section 11: Centers, Degrees and Programs

Section 12: Faculty

Section 13: Students

Section 15: Research Programs

Section 18: Athletics

Section 21: General Finance

Section 24: Risk Management

Section 25: Expenditure of Funds

Section 28: Auxiliary Enterprise, Privatization, etc.

Section 29: Information Resources

Section 31: Compensation and Benefits

Section 32: Employee Relations

Section 33: Employment, Standards of Conduct

Section 34: Safety of Employees and Students

Section 41: Real Property

Section 51: Facilities Planning and Construction

Section 61: Information and Communications

Contact Information

Cavitt Paulette 2022

Paulette Cavitt

Manager, Compliance and Strategic Initiatives
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 254-968-0511