Procedure Statement:

Under the provisions of the Information Resources Management Act, information resources are strategic assets of the State of Texas that must be managed as valuable state resources. Tarleton State University (Tarleton) has developed rules and procedures to address the use of wireless (Wi-Fi) network services during campus sponsored events.

Reason for Procedure:

The purpose of this policy is to define reasonable levels of support by Tarleton Information Technologies Services (ITS) and outline responsibilities for ITS and sponsors during campus hosted events.

Level of Support provided during campus sponsored events:

During campus sponsored events, if necessary, Tarleton ITS will provide a separate conference Service Set Identifier (SSID) or conference wireless network identifier which will provide conference attendees with Internet based network services, also known as unsecure guest wireless access.

Guest wireless access has always been classified by Tarleton ITS as best effort, meaning guest wireless services are provided as a convenience to campus visitors and guests. They are not, however, guaranteed to provide wireless network connectivity for all user owned devices.

While Tarleton ITS will ensure that Guest wireless network access is available at campus hosted event locations, Tarleton ITS cannot guarantee wireless network connectivity for all guest or visitor devices. Due to the limited availability of ITS resources, device owners will be responsible for establishing a wireless network connection using their own device.

In the event of a guest wireless network connection issue, it is recommended that the event sponsors have a secondary means of network connectivity. These may include devices capable of connecting to the network using a wired or Ethernet connection, a Tarleton provided wireless capable device connected to the campus secure wireless network (Texan-NTNET) or cellular communication devices connected to a commercial network provider.

Event sponsors or facilitators may contact the Tarleton Helpdesk at (254)-968-9885 for wireless network connectivity support.

Tarleton Information Technology Services (ITS) Responsibilities:

Upon receiving a request for wireless network services during a campus sponsored event, Tarleton ITS will:

  1. Determine whether to use the existing guest wireless network or create a conference unique wireless network ID.
  2. If a conference unique wireless network ID is created, a wireless network engineer will also generate a passphrase or PSK to restrict/limit wireless network access to only conference attendees
  3. The wireless network engineer will provide the event sponsor with the PSK.
  4. Tarleton ITS will ensure the conference unique network ID is available in those locations identified by the event sponsor.
  5. Tarleton ITS will ensure the conference unique ID is available at least one day prior to the scheduled event.
  6. Tarleton ITS will test the unique conference network ID to verify both availability and functionality prior to the start of the scheduled event.

Event Sponsor Responsibilities:

Prior to the event, the event facilitator will need to inform ITS of the event and fill out the Scheduled Event Guest Wireless Access Form.

 This form will need to be completed and returned to ITS at least thirty days prior to the beginning of the scheduled event.

A thirty day lead time is necessary to ensure that ITS employees have ample time to prepare for accommodation of the event guests on the Tarleton Network. If this form has not been completed prior to the request, the form will be provided to the event facilitator when he or she opens a ticket with the Helpdesk. A ticket can be created by going to the Helpdesk Home or by calling the Helpdesk at (254) 968-9885.