Become A Tarleton Diplomat


Tarleton Diplomats are an honorary group of students selected to represent Tarleton Waco Programs. The Tarleton State University – Waco Diplomats will promote and model the Tarleton institutional core values of civility, leadership, integrity, tradition, excellence, and service in all interactions with others. In doing so, modeling such values will leave a lasting and meaningful impression of these core values on each individual in which we interact.

Selection of Diplomats

Diplomats are selected through a process that includes an application, an interview, and approval from the Tarleton Waco Outreach Advisory Committee. Upon selection, the Diplomats will complete a leadership training that meets the requirements outlined in the criteria for the qualification of the program as a Leadership Applied Learning Experience.

Length of Term

At least one year, but the experience can be extend to the entire length of matriculation at the University

Why do I want to participate?

  • Invaluable opportunity to gain and develop leadership skills vital to subsequent career success
  • An opportunity to serve in a way that creates a greater impact on the campus community in Waco
  • The ability to be the student line of contact with main campus and community dignitaries
  • Satisfaction of involvement with your peers and the greater Waco community
  • An opportunity to proactively impact the greater Waco community

Expectations of Service

  • Attending and assisting with college fairs and recruiting events
  • Assisting McLennan Ambassadors with campus tours
  • Welcoming main campus and community dignitaries to the campus
  • Participating in 10 hours of leadership training
  • Assisting with outreach programs


Please contact Dr. Shannon Hankhouse by email at [email protected] or by phone at 254-299-8322 for further information or questions.